Debut Album: Inheritance

“Civvie have produced an impressive, compelling disc.”
- Kevin Press, exclaim!

Civvie went into the studio and recorded eight hours of completely improvised material. These are the tracks which emerged, capturing the alluring, enigmatic sound of their debut album Inheritance.

The seven tracks delve into a sonic landscape of extremes, from gritty noise to melancholic melodies. The unlikely combination of classical instruments, a weaving loom, and electronic effects, create sounds that can be compared to the rhythmic pulse of a steam engine or the ethereal voices of a vast prairie at night. Inheritance explores the relationship between a natural world besieged by progress and civilians trying to navigate the consequences of their actions.

Recorded in Winnipeg at Paintbox Studios by engineer Mike P. Falk. Inheritance was released in January 2017.

More music can be found on Soundcloud