Civvie live at Poolside Gallery - Winnipeg - April 19, 2018

“One encounters the kind of sonic concoction heard on Inheritance relatively frequently in the electronic domain...Yet, hearing this sort of shadowy, agitated ambience in an improvised instrumental setting imbues it with an altogether different life.” - Nick Storring, Music Works

“...the trio’s excitement for making some wild noise together is palpable throughout the entire album. Inheritance is a rare moment to listen in on that excitement in a way that seems incredibly intimate.” - Rachel Narvey, Stylus

Civvie Interview
Stylus Magazine April/May 2016

"Enter Winnipeg experimental band, Civvie. Together, the three-piece creates tracks that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck in a way that you didn’t know you wanted..."

Call of the Loom - Interview with Kelly Ruth
Winnipeg Free Press February 26, 2016
"Most of what we do is improvised...There are lots of themes we’re exploring and lots of dynamics we can create."